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Henna Brow Design Course

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Long-lasting tinted brows. Go henna! 

For those clients who comment how light their eyebrows are, she NEEDS to know about henna. Even for women who follow a minimal beauty ritual, face-framing brows are a must. Add this service to your list after taking this short henna brow course

Henna is a natural pigment that creates gorgeous, more defined brows for up to six weeks. Ammonia, lead and toxic-free, organic henna has long been used in the east, like India, for its incredible results. 

Henna is the perfect BFF service for eyebrow waxing, shaping or eyelash work. You’ll soon see why it’s one of beauty’s greatest discoveries, in this Adelaide beauty course


  • Learning materials 
  • Certificate of Achievement

Key Outcomes: 

  • Guided demonstration, with hands-on training
  • Technical knowledge
  • Henna colours
  • Preparation
  • Mixing
  • Application
  • Processing
  • Blending colours
  • Colour consultation
  • After-care.

Skill Level: No previous experience in brow tinting is required    

Model Requirements: Two models 

What to Bring: Kit purchased separately

Return on Investment: Henna brow pricing sits somewhere around the $40 price point in most salons, add on a brow wax and in roughly half an hour you’ve earned $65 at about a $4.00 product cost!