Zena Acid And Chemical Peel Training

Zena Acid & Chemical Peel Training

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Zena Acid Peel



Peel away that tired, old looking skin to reveal a gorgeous, glowing complexion. Use the Zena Acid and Chemical Peel on any skin type. In just a few minutes, reduce age spots, the appearance of scars and smooth fine lines. Zena marries natural compounds and nano materials for an unrivalled big reveal.


After this course, when your clients look in the mirror, they’ll thank you. And tell all their besties. Become a Zena expert and you’ll always have bookings.




  • Light refreshments
  • Learning material
  • Certificate of achievement
  • 5% lifetime discount on ZENA products with ongoing development support


You’ll learn:


  • Product knowledge
  • Theory and practical hands-on treatment
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Salon integration


Models required:


  • Two models
  • No active cold sores, rosacea, or sunburn
  • Prepare to have mild peeling post-treatment


Cost of kit: $490



  • 1x AHA44% Acid Peel
  • 1x G-BHA 15% Acid Peel
  • 1x Lactic 30 % Acid Peel
  • 1x Mandelic 15 % Acid Peel
  • 1x ZENA Light Peeling Foam
  • 1x Sunblock SPF 50 + 275ml
  • 1x Cleansing Gel 275ml
  • Product for up to 40 treatments
  • With a minimum return of $4,000.