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Zena BB Glow

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Fab complexion, 24/7 

For your busy mothers or minimalist gals, you’ll have the perfect service for her after this course:ZENA BB Glow. She’ll always be ready to run out the door, with her own BB Glow. This semi-permanent foundation will have her glowing naturally for up to four months, without the need for products. 

It’s non-surgical, packed with peptides and nutrients, and hides any every unwanted spot or discolouration. And while you’re there, you might as well use Zena serums to give her a perfect GLOW and treat multiple skin concerns. Get ready for glowing client reviews, too. Join this short beauty course to become a BB Glow pro. 

This treatment stand alone is at a recommended price of $150 as a minimum. Clients will require 3 treatments at 7 to 10 day intervals. Bundled into packages to sell upfront at $400. You’ll keep them coming back as you are guaranteed to upsell the service by adding in Treatment serum protocols.


  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of Achievement

Key Outcomes: 

  • Ultra-glow
  • What is mezoneedling
  • Differences between BB Glow & similar procedures
  • Technical characteristics of the hand piece
  • Cartridge overview
  • Tool care
  • Sanitisation
  • Marketing & advertising. 


Model Requirements: Two models, who aren’t pregnant, breastfeeding, undergoing any form of cancer treatment or have a history of cold sores. 

What you’ll need: Kits can be purchased prior to  the day of the course.

kit cost: $490.

  • 1 Box of Zena BB glow ampoules 16 ampoules for tones
  • 1 mix set of treatment 10 ampoules 
  • 1 cleansing gel 275 ml

hand piece:

  • option 1 BYO hand unit
  • option 2 purchase DR PEN hand unit