Zena Botox And Hyalnano Alternative Filler

Zena Botox And Hyalnano Alternative Filler

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Zena Botox and Hyalnano  Filler



Imagine giving your clients a Botox-alternative, while they get a wax. With the award-winning Zena Botox Filler, now you can. Get ready for this to be your most popular service. Learn the art of micro needling to achieve a fresh, youthful appearance. Naturally, without injections. This is the perfect after-lunch appointment for your wrinkle-conscious clients.


It’s a quick, non-invasive facial wrinkle correction treatment that’ll make your salon the hottest thing in town.




  • Light refreshments
  • Learning material
  • Certificate of achievement
  • 5% lifetime discount on ZENA products with ongoing development support.


You’ll learn:


  • Product knowledge
  • Theory and practical hands-on treatment
  • Indications and contraindications
  • Salon integration


Models required:


  • Two models
  • No active cold sores, rosacea, open wounds, or sunburn
  • Must not be pregnant or undergoing any cancer treatment
  • Prepare to have mild peeling post-treatment


Cost of kit: $490

  • A box of Zena Botox alternative 10 x ampoules
  • A box of Hyalnano filling set 5x filler 5x hylaronic acid solution
  • 275 ml cleansing gel
  • With a minimum return of $4,000.